A Legacy of Welcome

Our Story

While The L3 Hostel may be new, the L3 brand has a rich history spanning continents and generations. The L3, named after the working cattle brand and ranch of the same name, has been in my family since 1913.

Upon arrival from Germany in the 1880’s, my ancestors Johann Leiber and Herman Horn settled in the small town of Anderson, TX finding a warm and neighborly community that welcomed them with open arms. They were farmers, syrup makers, wheelwrights, carpenters, and indentured servants, and they came to Texas with the dream of a brighter future…

They built roads, churches, wagons, and homes helping connect neighbors in their small Texas town. Pouring themselves into their community, they and their children worked for over 30 years to achieve the means to purchase the land upon which The L3 now sits. The land upon which they settled honored a long Texas tradition of hard work, growing their family and small community, and giving credence to the phrase “southern hospitality”, which my family celebrates on the very same land to this day. I have fond memories of picking dewberries with juice-stained fingers, bringing sweet tea to my tired papa on hot days, and imagining my ancestors scraping by on dreams and determination. Just as the L3 welcomed my family to Texas over 100 years ago, The L3 Hostel will serve as a beacon of global connection and a time-honored reminder to warmly welcome visitors to Dallas.


The world is full of dreamers.  Some have dreams that are big and bold, some have dreams that are small and simple, but all have one thing in common.   It involves an adventure.  A departure from the norm.  A step into a different kind of life.    Some of us have dreams that seem elusive, grand, and impossibly far away.  And many of us don’t know where to start.

My name is Kristin.  It was 2016.  My head was in the clouds with dreams of exotic travel, adventure with friends and a backpack on my back, but my ass was firmly planted in the desk job and career I had chosen.  Vacation wasn’t really a place where you could fully unplug (“I’ll check emails just one more time before lunch to see if anything else came up.”) and the trips were getting fewer and further between.  At the same time as the dollar signs on my paychecks were increasing, my happiness was plummeting.  I realized with horror that the education and career I had chased and scheduled and managed with such assurance was an outrageous disappointment once I arrived.

So, as one does when bottoming out, I took a good, hard look at what I like to do and how I could contribute to the world.  I reconnected with myself in a way I hadn’t done in 10 years.  Volunteering and connecting with my community in Dallas gave me new life.  Travel both by myself and with those closest to me expanded my view of the world and helped me remember that welcoming unpredictability is just as important as actively planning.  I turned to friends and family for advice, but I also turned to complete strangers, and I found a world full of selfless, helpful, encouraging, colorful people.

As I looked at the city, community, and people around me in Texas, I wondered how the rest of the world perceived us as a travel destination.  How do we welcome all types of travelers to our shiny, heat-wave-shimmering skyline?  It was during this that I realized a hostel was the perfect solution for an adventurous traveler and a way for me to engage with others from behind the desk.    I was able to share my love with the city with the world.  I’m able to take my partnerships in the community a step further and help connect Dallas with the world at large.  I’m able to care for friends on a larger scale in my space, similar to welcoming them to my home. As much as Dallas needs this hostel, I found that I needed this hostel.

There is so much to see and love in Dallas that extends beyond old TV hits and big hair.  We have music, sport events, world class museums, and some of the most incredible food in the world.  We have enough live music to satisfy even the most discerning music snob, and the city is central to so many natural wonders in the state.  Most importantly, we have warm people that are known the world over for their hospitality and open arms.  We have people who care immensely about our precious, interesting, dynamic home.  And we have people who love to share and make the world a better place.

The L3 Hostel looks forward to hosting you for your Dallas adventure!  You may walk in as a stranger, but you’ll leave as a friend.

Kristin Leiber, Founder and CPA