Does Dallas Have a Hostel? It does now!

Does Dallas have a hostel?  As of late 2017, the answer to that is, “Hell yeah!”

If you had to boil it down, an affordable overnight stay is the simplest way to explain The L3 Hostel in downtown Dallas.  Just as a vacation is defined by so much more than the money you spend, an excellent hostel is better expressed by its heartfelt connections, social bonds, and authentic experiences it brings to life.

It’s hard to quantify the value of a shared cocktail while swapping travel stories.  It’s even harder to pinpoint the feeling you get as you step off the light rail with an over-sized backpack into the heart of a new city.

These moments are the ones that seem to capture hostel magic the best.  Try as they might, hotels always seem to come in second in terms of enchanting, natural, memorable travel moments.

The L3 Hostel in downtown Dallas promises:

1.) To provide affordable travel accommodations in central Dallas

Affordable travel is a beautiful thing.  Not only does it allow guests to adhere to a budget, but it also allows them to spend more of their precious dollars on delicious food, cultural experiences, and have a more carefree approach with their time.   Plus, an option for under $100 per night in downtown Dallas?  We’ll take it.

Dallas, L3 Hostel, Friends Traveling, The L3 Hostel, Downtown Dallas, cheap hotel dallas, dallas hostel, does Dallas have a hostelNon-stock photo friends of The L3 Hostel on an hotel-free adventure

2.) To connect adventurous people and provide alternative & modern means of travel

Hotel rooms can be lonely.  Vacations are more about memories and experiences than about the money spent and the amount of stuff surrounding you. Connections with locals and other travelers are meaningful, and they are never more accessible than in a hostel setting.  Also, have you ever met a room of people more fascinating and willing to say hello to a stranger than in a hostel common room?

3.) To provide authoritative and edgy knowledge about Dallas happenings.

What is better than showing up somewhere fun without lifting a finger? A hip hostel staff relieves pressure on guests and allows them to offload the planning.  Guests can trust The L3 staff to be current on what’s up in local festivals, live music, sports etc. and to help them plan their time in a way that is significant to each individual guest.

 4.) To provide a safe and secure place for yourself and belongings

We understand hostels can sometimes run a little fast and loose on security.  The L3 Hostel will keep you confident that you and your belongings are being cared for in our beautiful downtown high rise with lockable storage, late-night security measures, and 24 hour staff.  You’re traveling light, but it’s important stuff.

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Adventure ahead!

5.) To combine work and play and life in one space

It’s a simple thing to say that we’re here to assist guests.  We take it a step further and commit to assisting the modern guest in a way that combines work and fun and schedules and budgets and life all at once. Life isn’t compartmentalized, so we don’t expect you to live that way either.

For those of you with big personal space bubbles and a vacation budget to match, you’ll find what you’re looking for in one of our many lovely hotels across this big city.  For the rest of you, we’ve brought a new option to the downtown Dallas scene.  The L3 Hostel is affordable and well-staffed and funky and inviting, and we can’t wait to meet you.  Stay updated on our Instagram and sign up for our email list for updates.  The L3 Hostel opens late 2017!